Courier packaging, i.e. sending parcels abroad with Global24

What do you need to remember when using the services of an international courier? How to properly pack the package so that it can survive even several days of transport? What are the dimensions of packages in each country? Check out our tips to make international shipping a piece of cake for you!

Courier packaging

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Table of contents:

  1. Shipping parcels abroad – how to choose the right packaging for the shipment?
  2. Global24 courier packaging – weight and dimensions by country.
  3. Fast shipment of foreign parcels with Global24!

Shipping parcels abroad – how to choose the right packaging for the shipment?

If you sell goods by mail order, as the sender of the package, you are obliged to properly protect the contents during transport. The shipment should also have labels with information on the details of the service provided and any special delivery conditions.

What types of shipping packaging to choose?

The most popular type of packaging for goods is a cardboard box. It comes in different sizes so that you can easily match the size to the item being sent. Cardboard boxes are great for goods with irregular shapes. Small items or documents are shipped in envelopes. In this case, the type of packaging largely depends on the contents of the shipment. Non-standard envelopes are perfect for sending individual letters. On the other hand, with a larger number of documents, you can use cardboard packaging, which not only has a higher load capacity, but is also more resistant to damage.


Courier packaging – shipments with special properties

The packaging of a shipment depends not only on its size and shape, but also on its special properties. Most often, we protect the goods against moisture and damage to the packaging. In the case of small items, you can use large envelopes supplemented with bubble wrap. Such protection will protect the content against external factors and mechanical damage. In addition, it should also be noted that envelopes with bubble wrap are made of thicker paper, and glued sides increase their resistance to damage.

Shipping parcels abroad – parcels of irregular shapes

Shipments with irregular shapes or those that should not come into contact with the sun’s rays are best protected with stretch foil. It is easy to use, cheap to buy and easily secures any item, regardless of its size.

Shipping fragile items

If you send items that are particularly sensitive to damage, they should be properly secured. The inside of the package should be lined with special fillers that will protect the contents from damage. In addition, additional packaging should be marked in several places with tape or stickers informing about the need to exercise special care, e.g. “Caution glass”.

Global24 courier packaging – weight and dimensions by country.

We are happy to help you spread your wings in international e-commerce of most industries, and what’s more – when transporting parcels abroad, we cooperate with local leaders.

Foreign shipments, depending on the country, are delivered by the following carriers:

  • Germany – DHL and DPD
  • Great Britain– Royalmail and Hermes
  • France – Colissimo
  • Italy – GLS
  • Spain – Correos
  • Belgium – POST NL
  • Netherlands – POST NL
  • Austria – POST AT

When using Global24 services, it is worth getting acquainted with the parameters: weight and dimensions of packages, which differ depending on the country and the selected courier carrier. What do the dimensions in the tables below mean? For example, dimensions A<60, B<60 and C<120 mean that the maximum dimensions of the package are 60x60x120. In the column we can see the dependence of the price on the weight of the package.


Package dimensions and weight – Germany

The package sent to Germany looks different with each courier. For DHL, the maximum package size is 60 x 60 x 120 cm, while for Warenpost tracked shipping it is a maximum of 35.3 x 25 x 5 cm. In DPD, the maximum package size is 60 x 60 x 120 cm.

Shipping to GermanyCarrier and dimensions
Shipping tracked 24h with confirmationDHL (A<60, B<60, C<120 cm)
Tracked shipping – WarenpostDHL (A<35,3, B<25, C<5 cm)
Tracked shipping with confirmationDPD (A<60, B<60, C<120 cm)
Tracked shipping with confirmationDPD (A<60, B<60, C<120 cm)

Package dimensions and weight – Great Britain

Shipping to the UK at Global24 also looks different for each carrier. At Royal Mail, the maximum parcel size is 61 x 46 x 46 cm. However, for a letter item it is A4 format with a maximum height of 2.5 cm. On the other hand, in Hermes the maximum dimension is the sum of side A, 2B and 2C, which cannot exceed 225 cm, while side A itself cannot be larger than 120 cm.

Shipping to Great BritainCarrier and dimensions
Shipping tracked 48hRoyal Mail (A<61, B<46, C<46 cm)
Shipping tracked 24hRoyal Mail (A<61, B<46, C<46 cm)
Untracked postal shipping 24hRoyal Mail (A4 gr. 2,5 cm)
Untracked postal shipping 48hRoyal Mail (A4 gr. 2,5 cm)
Shipping tracked 48hHermes (A+2B+2C <225 cm, A<120 cm)
Shipping tracked 24hHermes (A+2B+2C <225 cm, A<120 cm)

Courier packaging – France

Parcels are shipped to France with one Colissimo carrier. The maximum package size, both with and without confirmation, is the sum of sides A, B and C not exceeding 150 cm.

Shipping to FranceCarrier and dimensions
Shipping tracked without confirmationColissimo (A+B+C<150 cm)
Tracked shipping with confirmationColissimo (A+B+C<150 cm)

Package dimensions and weight – Italy

Shipments in Italy are handled by one courier company, GLS Express. The maximum dimensions of the package are the sum of the sides A, 2B and 2C not exceeding 300 cm, while the A side itself cannot be larger than 235 cm.

Shipping to Italy Carrier and dimensions
Shipping trackedGLS Express (A+2B+2C<300 cm, A<235 cm)

Shipping parcels abroad – Spain

Shipments to Spain at Global24 are provided by one carrier, Correos. The maximum dimensions of STANDARD and PREMIUM shipments are the sum of sides A, B, C, which cannot exceed 210 cm, while side A itself cannot be larger than 120 cm.

Shipping to SpainCarrier and dimensions
Shipping trackedCorreos STANDARD (A+2B+2C<210 cm, A<120 cm)
Shipping trackedCorreos PREMIUM (A+2B+2C<210 cm, A<120 cm)

Opakowania kurierskie – Belgia

Wysyłka paczek do Belgii realizowana jest przez POST NL. Maksymalne wymiary przesyłek STANDARD i z potwierdzeniem POST NL STANDARD to 176 x 78 x 58 cm. Z kolei, maksymalna waga to 23kg.

Courier packaging – Belgium Carrier and dimensions
Shipping trackedPost NL Standard (A<176, B<78, C<58 do 23 kg)
Shipping tracked without confirmationPost NL Standard (A<176, B<78, C<58 do 23 kg)

Package weight and dimensions – Netherlands

POST NL is responsible for shipping parcels to the Netherlands. The maximum dimensions of parcels are the same as in Belgium, i.e. 176 x 78 x 58 cm, and a maximum weight of 23 kg.

Shipping to the NetherlandsCarrier and dimensions
Shipping trackedPost NL Standard (A<176, B<78, C<58 do 23 kg)
Shipping tracked without confirmationPost NL Standard (A<176, B<78, C<58 do 23 kg)

Courier packaging – Austria

Shipping to Austria at Global24 is handled by the POST AT Express carrier. The maximum dimensions of the package are 100 x 60 x 60 cm.

Shipping to AustriaCarrier and dimensions
Shipping trackedPost AT Express Post AT (100 x 60 x 60 cm)


Our offer also includes oversize shipments, e.g. from the “interior furnishings” industry, although additional charges apply and prices are set individually. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Important! When sending a package abroad, you should read the list of prohibited items in courier shipments. These include money, securities, jewelry, works of art, antiques, tobacco, alcohol, psychoactive substances and plants. Please be aware that international shipments are inspected much more frequently than domestic shipments. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the package complies with the regulations and reaches the addressee for sure.

    Fast shipment of parcels abroad with Global24!

    At Global24, we comprehensively and professionally handle foreign e-commerce logistics. Every day we ship orders and receive returns from buyers in Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. We successively support the export of foreign sales, helping online stores compete effectively on the global market. Our international shipping service allows you to deliver your products directly to the target customer abroad. Thanks to our cooperation with regional couriers, you can be sure of trouble-free and fast delivery.

    Individual courier companies have similar requirements when it comes to standard parcels – they should be properly packed, without protruding elements and in the shape of a cuboid. Differences are only in the details of the weight or size of packages. If packages do not meet these conditions, they are automatically marked as non-standard, and thus surcharges are added to them. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the packages sent by couriers are adapted to the requirements of individual companies.


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