Conference E-wolucja 2023 – time for a conclusion!

Today, virtually anyone can become an online retailer. But not everyone will be able to develop their sales on global markets, optimise their account on the biggest platforms or differentiate and secure their brand. If you want to succeed in the world of e-commerce, we have certainly met at the E-wolucja conference.
Couldn’t be with us on 15 September at Concordia Design? Read a recap of the event and buy the recording where you will find answers to many of your questions!

Ewolucja 2023

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  1. The only conference of its kind on international sales!
  2. E-wolucja 2023 – knowledge and inspiration
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The only conference of its kind on foreign sales!

This year’s E-wolucja was traditionally full of positive energy. From the very beginning, the host Artur Olejniczak infected all participants with a smile, which turned out to be extremely important, especially for those taking their first steps in the world of e-commerce. Without such support – they could feel a little intimidated by the importance of the event.

The event was perfectly prepared, both in terms of the selection of speakers and the venue (the stunning Concordia Design), as well as the elements accompanying the main attractions – let’s just mention the delicious lunch, balloons with the conference logo floating from the ceiling or the atmospheric music at the afterparty. Global24‘s Pawed Zakielarz and Wojciech Kotlicki are of course responsible for the success of E-evolution.

E-wolucja 2023 – knowledge and inspiration

Basia Garczyńska, Radosław Olejarski from S’portofino

The first to appear on the E-volution stage were Basia Garczyńska and Radosław Olejarski, who talked about the foreign expansion of the S’portofino shop, both from the product side and the marketing strategy. There was no shortage of examples of demanding, but rewarding activities on European markets, including Romania, which is still an unpopular destination among Polish retailers, but as the speakers emphasised – it should not be feared. This speech was not only a source of valuable, practical tips, but also a large dose of inspiration. Certainly, more than one conference participant began to wonder where he or she would be in two years’ time if they were to start expanding abroad today.

Paweł Zakielarz from Global24

Another interesting highlight was a speech by Pawed Zakielarz about selling online in a country gripped by warfare. In a confident voice, the speaker listed the threats and opportunities of the Ukrainian market, sharing his own experiences in this controversial topic. How to skilfully separate compassion for people who are fighting for life from the chance to expand their market? Will the Ukrainian market be one of the fastest growing in the coming years? The founder of Global24 encouraged conference participants to act without fear or prejudice – after all, the world belongs to the brave!

Michał Toczyński from Profitcrew

Michal Toczynski, co-founder of the Profitcrew agency, presented tools and techniques for presenting products in the Amazon environment and explained the importance of the conversion rate, which plays a key role in effective operations on the world’s largest sales platform and is still a mystery to many novice online sellers. The charismatic speaker effectively captured the attention of all guests and encouraged them to reflect on opportunities to build a positive brand image among Amazon customers.

Anna Jelonek from ICEA

Anna Jelonek’s presentation was about difficult issues in the field of SEO, presented in an accessible and pleasant form. E-business is closely linked to search engine optimisation, and the speaker ensured that those who try to position their online shops are one step ahead of other retailers. There was no shortage of questions about content created by artificial intelligence or inspiration for finding the best SEO solutions for the home and foreign markets.A key role in effective operations on the world’s largest sales platform, and still a mystery to many budding online retailers. The charismatic speaker effectively captured the attention of all guests and encouraged them to reflect on opportunities to build a positive brand image among Amazon customers.

Tomasz Połeć from Taxology

In his presentation, Tomasz Połeć addressed tax-related topics, urging integration, standardisation and data harmonisation. It seems that the main message accompanying the speaker was to disenchant the view that taxes are the enemy of vendors and one should stay away from them. Of course, not everyone needs to know about them, but it is good to understand the basic mechanisms, if only to be able to control the work of accountants. The speaker, answering questions from the audience, also explained the concept of VAT OSS, which has been resonating loudly in the world of e-commerce for several years.

Piotr Owczarek from Kaufland Global Marketplace

It is hard to imagine the E-Volution without Piotr Owczarek, who is able to explain the specifics of selling on the Kaufland Global Marketplace like no one else. A speech rich in
rich in examples of good practices allowing you to stand out from the competition and increase the efficiency of your offer, aroused in many of those present the desire to explore this platform and enter the German, Czech and Slovak markets. Some practical tips on where to start the expansion and how to prepare your products for it, as well as the opportunity to ask questions to the Kaufland Global Marketplace team, certainly resulted in new registrations on the platform.

Felix Mynarek from Intereseroh+

Felix Mynarek’s presentation added an international dimension to the conference and gave everyone present a better understanding of what packaging responsibility is in the world of e-commerce. The speaker explained how Interseroh+ supports retailers in meeting the waste obligations imposed by the European Union and its individual countries.

Damian Kuczynski from Salesupply

Damian Kuczynski began his presentation by asking what is customer experience? The expert from Salesupply revealed how to delight German customers ahead of local competition. He talked about the expectations of buyers in foreign markets and how to prepare a company for outsourcing when going abroad, all backed up with examples from his own experience and interesting cases from his customers.

Paweł Mielczarek from Vsprint

Paweł Mielczarek’s lecture allowed all attendees to get rid of their complexes, believe in the good condition of Polish e-commerce and learn about the directions of e-commerce development. Examples of the transformation of Polish companies from a local e-shop to a European marketplace could become an inspiration to work harder, which will bring the desired results sooner rather than later. There were also questions about Allegro’s programmes designed to make it easier for sellers and at the same time encourage the customer to make a purchase decision. The answers were not obvious, but clear and specific.

Cezary Sowinski from Amazon

The content part of the E-Volution was concluded with a speech by Cezary Sowinski, who introduced the participants to the complicated topic of brand protection on Amazon. All sellers on the platform are convinced that here “the customer is always right” and therefore often forget about the tools available to take care of their rights. What kind of fraud and abuse is going on in the e-commerce world? How does Amazon deal with products that should not be sold on the platform, but nevertheless find their way onto it? The speaker explained all the intricacies with innate calm and patience and, like the previous speakers, gave sellers courage!

The end of the lecture belonged to Paweł Zakielarz and Artur Olejniczak. After a short summary, the gentlemen invited everyone to the networking part, which took place on the beautiful and biggest green terrace in Wrocław. There was a lot of talk, business and laughter – everything that should be the unofficial part of such an event 🙂

Stay up to date!

The E-evolution 2023 conference is now history, but you can still gain knowledge and inspiration from it! If the issues described have interested you and the speakers listed are your e-business idols, be sure to buy the conference recording and familiarise yourself with all the materials! We are convinced that online retailers’ meetings are necessary and valuable, which is why we will develop our event and invite you to the next edition of E-Volution soon!

If you were with us this year – we say: see you again! If you missed this amazing event – next year we will welcome you with double the joy!


Global24 Team


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